Hub Membership

On behalf of the Westhill and District Community Sport and Leisure Hub (SCIO) we wish to extend an invitation to you to become a member of the Hub.  You may already believe that you are a member of the hub however given recent changes in the hub and data protection legislation we want to ensure that our records are as accurate and complete as possible.

As a registered charity, we exist to bring the community together by providing pathways of opportunities as well as information, advice and support. The target — to make it easier for all people of all abilities in the Westhill area to get involved and engage in a more active/healthier lifestyle.

Membership is open to individuals who are active in promoting increased participation in sport and leisure activities in Westhill and the surrounding areas.  Membership is free to anyone who wishes to join and as well as offering the opportunity to be part of an active sports hub trying to improve both participation and facilities in the area, you will have access to grant and bursary funding to support clubs and individuals in their sporting and leisure endeavours. 

You can find more out about the hub here at our website and if you are interested in joining please complete the attached membership form and return to  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.