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Alison Shaw from Scottish Disability Sport is looking for feedback on a possible initiative….

With such a wide range of inclusive opportunities now available for people with disabilities, I’d like to help advertise these better to try and improve uptake through the introduction of a series of taster sessions/open day-type events specifically aimed at people with physical, sensory and/or learning disabilities. Each month would feature a different sport/activity/organisation (we can carefully select the month that your sport is featured to fit in with your season where applicable) and all that would be asked is:

• The organisation running the activities is in a position to offer regular, enjoyable, inclusive/adapted activities and a positive environment for those with physical/sensory/learning disabilities (understandably, some sports won’t be able to cater for all groups). If your club/organisation is not in a position to cater for people with disabilities yet, please let me know and I’ll do my best to support the club and coaches with this.
• The taster/open sessions are free of charge/low cost for participants
• The club/organisation has some sort of information about the ongoing sessions available for people to take home on the day
• And that there’s a person on hand to handle any queries

Where multiple Clubs/organisations are offering a particular sport, I would propose that we offer a ‘Sport of the Month’ and that multiple taster sessions/open days are offered throughout that month at the different sites/Clubs. This would enable us to ensure that people from all over Grampian are able to access opportunities.

The sports that I’m hoping to feature are: Kayak/Canoe; Indoor Bowling; Martial Arts; Athletics; Lawn Bowls; Curling; Shooting; Tennis; Boccia; and Archery (although any other suggestions would be most welcome).

If the majority of clubs/organisation feel that this would be beneficial, I can draft up a generic ‘Club/Sport of the Month’ poster which will eventually contain details of the session/s (day, time, venue, target groups, what to expect etc), pictures, booking instructions and our logos. This would then be circulated throughout social media, mailing lists, on the Scottish Disability Sport & Grampian Disability Sport website, schools/further education/higher education establishments, physiotherapists/occupational therapists, local authorities & across the various disability support organisations within Grampian. I’d also hope for the initiative to be featured in the local press!

Hope this all makes sense – just let me know if you have any queries at all & we can discuss in more detail if this is something you’d be interested in.

Many thanks,


Alison Shaw | Regional Manager – Grampian
Scottish Disability Sport | Broadfold House | Bridge of Don | Aberdeen | AB23 8EE
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