Election of Committee

Dear members and local organisations,

At our recent AGM, it was time for me (Grant) to step down as chair of the Sports Hub. This is in-line with the 3-year term for the position of Chairperson. We did not have anyone volunteer to stand as Chairperson in their own right, but Sean Boyd has offered to co-chair if someone else was to come forward to share responsibilities.

This position was not filled on the night, and therefore, we are requesting your help… could you be our co-chair? The responsibilities of the Chair are representing the organisation, working with Aberdeenshire Council and staff to further the aims of the hub, attending meetings with other hub chairs, chairing our meetings, and working with the treasurer to ensure we meet the responsibilities within our constitution.

There is support for this, both in terms of internally as Grant has agreed to be vice-chair to ensure a smooth handover, and externally from the Sportshub development officer of Aberdeenshire, and from organisations like The Garioch Partnership, so you won’t be alone. Without someone stepping forward, we may be looking at the hub having to fold, which would be a real shame.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch at chair@wdcsh.org